About Us

DumTeeDum is a weekly podcast about the long running BBC drama the Archers. It’s Hosted by Roifield Brown and Lucy Freeman, with help from Millie Belle down under. The show features a recap of the weeks action in Ambridge and calls from listeners and rambling chat about life, love and superheroes. We love the Archers but we have a lot of fun with our obsession and like a laugh. If you vote UKIP, or don’t but like a good old fashioned British pun this is not be the podcast for you.

Have your say
Without you, at best we only have half a show. We need you to comment on the topics, below and we will include them on the podcast. Simply click on the red voicemail tab on the right to record your message!

Life and Times
Do you remember Tony being busted for drugs (no, not Mogadon)? Mike losing an eye? Shula’s relationship with Nigel pre-Elizabeth? Life and Times shines a spotlight on one character every so often, reminding you of the bits you’d forgotten about…and sometimes the bits you wish you could forget, like discovering that Robert’s pillow talk name for his wife is Lindybottom.

In Defence Of
If you genuinely believe Rob Titchener to be a misunderstood feminist or that Susan Carter’s a Labour voter then now is the time to make an impassioned defence of a character you think is unjustly villified. Click here and leave us a message telling us why we’re all wrong.

My Archers Crush
Our very own Roifield’s virtual love affair with Fallon Rogers is well documented (don’t ask him….honestly, just don’t) but who’s your Archers lovely? Fancy taking Adam up the polytunnel, or smearing Jennifer with some of That Cheese? Email us here and tell us who makes your heart go dum-tee-dum and we’ll get in touch…

Mid-range and long-range forecast
So we know we all get a bit carried away with our Archers predictions, and now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is. If you reckon you can see where a particular storyline is headed in the next couple of weeks, or maybe this time next year for the more advanced Mystic Megs amongst you, leave us a message here and tell us what you think we can look forward to.