DTD: 206 – Lexi, Pip, the end of Kefir and more Ambridge goings on

Welcome to another sideways look at the DumTeeDum week featuring Robert Wilson and Lucy Freeman reporting on the events in Ambridge as broadcast by the BBC. First up this week is the never-ending barrel of Tumble Tussock cider which is immediately followed by Derek’s sex robot; the latter was of course merely a wig on an “Alexa”, which Robert worries about keeping clean! Lucy had a justifiable rant in the middle of the comedic review of the week over the nonsense of Helen and Pip having troubles over being single mums, compared with most single parents. Both have huge support […]


DTD: 205 Happy New Year, Lets recap the last two weeks in Ambridge – Pip rage!

Lucy starts strongly by completely avoiding mention of the wedding which did not happen and which wasted hours of Archers time but none of the podcast! Thank you Lucy. Roifield called it a fraud perpetrated by the writers and the editor. Much appreciation for Noluthando was expressed. Noluthando has helped Peggy with music, is keeping Freddie almost on the straight and narrow and can sort out Kate – as well as providing treatments at Spiritual Home! Blithe Spirit reckons that again the characters are being twisted to suit weak stories – it is not the fault of the writers, simply […]


Full Character Statistics for 2017

1 Lilian Bellamy   128 2 Justin Elliott   95 3 Pip Archer   89 4 Brian Aldridge   66 5 Adam Macy   62 6 Shula Hebden Lloyd   60 7 Jennifer Aldridge   59 8 Kirsty Miller   58 9 David Archer   53 10 Ruth Archer   52 11 Harrison Burns 49 = Roy Tucker 49 13 Helen Archer* 48 = Lynda Snell 48 15 Tom Archer 46 16 Toby Fairbrother 45 17 Jill Archer 44 18 Matt Crawford 43 19 Alistair Lloyd 42 20 Eddie Grundy 40 = Ian Craig 40 22 Rex Fairbrother 39 23 […]


Character Statistics for December 2017

Appearances during December 2017 1 Pip Archer 11 2 Eddie Grundy 9 3 Brian Aldridge 8 = Lilian Bellamy 8 = Elizabeth Pargetter 8 = Lynda Snell 8 7 Jennifer Aldridge 7 = Justin Elliott 7 9 Tony Archer 6 = Alan Franks 6 = Adam Macy 6 12 Pat Archer 5 = Johnny Phillips 5 14 Harrison Burns 4 = Ian Craig 4 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 4 = Lexi Viktorova 4 = Peggy Woolley 4 19 Helen Archer 3 = Susan Carter 3 = Toby Fairbrother 3 = Usha Franks 3 = Joe Grundy 3 = Nic Grundy […]


“Right You Are!”

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas! Here’s a little post-Boxing Day diversion to keep fellow DumTeeDummers occupied. I have captured thirteen different people heard saying “Right You Are!” during 2017. Twelve have come from The Archers itself and one from elsewhere, not too far from here! How many characters can you identify? (Inclusion in the accompanying illustration does not necessarily imply inclusion in the sound clip.)   No prizes, it’s just for fun! Post your answers in the comments section below.


DTD: 203 Have there been too many pregnancies in Ambridge?

Robert joins Lucy this week to examine the entrails of the exchanges in Ambridge. Lucy wanted to believe that Alan had killed off the Ambridge panto but sadly it continues with the usual walkouts, disputes and rhyming couplets. Lucy states with authority that the beds in an ice hotel have a lot of rugs on them. Robert feels however that the ambient temperature will have an adverse effect on Alastair’s performance. The content then goes downhill rapidly, if that is possible. Impending doom for the Grundies is opined. Could it be Joe passing or will the Tumble Tussock cider be […]

Sperm donation

DTD: 202 – Ian fires blanks and Adam should know better

Something sad happened this week. The Derek joke was blank on the script! Hurried re-editing means his warming poultice turned up a little late, Derek probably works for Southern. I sometimes feel sorry for Lucy – she tries so hard to convey the serious farming and educational aspects of the documentary set in Ambridge in her monologue and then the scriptwriters simply douse the plot in sperm and unwanted babies and an apparently very speedy nativity play is shoehorned in alongside the never ending panto such that her monologue is bound to become somewhat full of innuendo, euphemisms and allusion. […]


DTD: 201 – Your questions to Hedli Niklaus live, hosted by Roifield and Robert

Hedli Niklaus gives us some wonderful stories of The Archers as Robert and Roifield pose some listener questions – and some of the answers are below. Edited by Kosmo. Dusty Substances : Opens the show with some very nice words about Hedli (and the missing Kathy) running “Archers Addicts” Witherspoon : Hi, Witherspoon here, texting in early because I actually have patients to see later on. So this is more of a comment about Kathy than a question. I never knew “Happy Kathy.” Once I started listening to The Archers a lot of bad things had already happened to Kathy […]


DTD: 200 Everything went wrong but we got a show out

Wow. A big round numbered one. That came round quickly. And it does not quite go according to plan. Hedli Niklaus opens the show with a DumTeeDum; then there is another one from Nicola Headlam! Lucy and Roifield are joined by Robert Wilson – but the colour coded script is soon causing confusion. A bravura performance from Lucy as she delivers the best joke of the day on threesomes immediately after the conclusion of her weekly summary. Lucy then manages to take her co-hosts apart with carefully aimed questions over Toby’s behaviour reflecting their own innocent high jinks when younger. […]