DTD: 171 – Love for Lilly, understanding for Toby and more Archers chat!

Lucy is back from Hawes and delivered an outstanding review of the week in Ambridge, which in tribute to the late Ziggy Boneman included a reference to FFS.  Roifield makes an impassioned plea for new DumTeeDums – please send them in.  Lucy does a mean Vicky Pollard, but having been in Yorkshire she should have been channelling Eric Pollard (soap cross pollination there!). GoddessDeeva returns from the bottom of a bucket to tell Lilian that she needs to stop making an idiot of herself.  But Justin has history and Anthea will put a stop to that.  Andrew Horn raises his […]


DTD: 169 – Lillian, Miranda, Rex and Lilly feature on this weeks show

Our hosts reflect on what was generally a good week for The Archers.  Miranda and Justin splitting up the assets and then Miranda and Lilian having a face off at the Dower House.  Of course Hilda Ogden arriving had a new slashing arrival whilst this week’s map was about Ambridge.  You have to listen to the end of the podcast for the best bit of the week however! Much other ground covered plus some new callers, which is always welcome.  Go and help ginger up the forum on the website – far more interesting than it was. Great plot prediction […]


DTD: 168 – Pip, Toby and Ben gets it, with Chris Neill and Right you are of the Week.

Lucy is picking up high level BBC intelligence from secret drops in Epping Forest whilst she is recording Walky Talky. These drops includes this week’s DumTeeDum from Doha. Lucy then gets the order of the podcast wrong (twice) this week and Roifield leaves her apparent confusion in the final version. 20 year listener comedian Chris Neill then keeps Lucy in painful stitches (she had just been to pilates) for some 20 minutes as they discuss the ins and outs of our favourite programme.  Chris first remembers listening to the death of John Archer.  If he joined the cast Chris would […]


DTD: 167 – Pip kinda dumps Toby and where is Carol?

In this week’s podcast there is a DumTeeDum from Bye Bye Steve; some light chit chat including a report on Derek’s activities at the races; Lucy’s alternative take on a week in Ambridge which mentions the absurdity of the proposed share out at Home Farm and the inevitable family feast which will go wrong; new and old callers highlighting certain aspects of village life, including an unnecessary and over the top castigation of poor Will and the hanging exercise undertaken by his current and ex wives, “Poor Will and  the Jolly Hangmen” should be played. “‘Ello Pusscat” is still reverberating […]


DTD: 166 – Why does Brookfield not have any dirty cow insurance?

Lucy is put on the spot this week when it is discovered that she has not heard Bye Bye Steve’s DumTeeDum.  Then Diane Abbott gets a name check before Roifield bans politics.  And we have quite a few newish callerinerers.  Lucy is worrying about the Cosa Nostra in Ambridge this week – the links are too strong to ignore.  Lucy then admits she had practiced her accent earlier! I was edited.  I protest.  It really was more interesting than it sounded.  But people do have pension schemes.  The other callers were far more interesting as usual!!  The tractor would not […]


DTD: 165 – Ruth turns dark on Pip and other Archers related goings on

Phillip Townley reprises his DumTeeDum to open the show.  A whole week of every single Archer at the throat of another Archer includes two family parties as well as shoe-horning the General Election into the podcast. None of us remember Terry Barford as Lizzie’s boyfriend and it is not mentioned in any reference book.  Terry did like the attractions of Carline Bone but she was not taken (rare for her).  Lucy also explains the concept of “playing in the bins” over Ruth and Pip.  No-one can understand why a) Pip keeps forgetting things and b) why does Pip not understand […]


DTD: 164 – Another week in Ambridge with Alan

Huge drama this week on the podcast (which is more than you can sometimes say about The Archers).  Apparently Roifield has been travelling so much he is so jetlagged that he cannot go to sleep at all.  Then he accuses Kosmo of spending all his time in airport lounges – which is so not true.  I might have been on my way back from Gatwick at 4 am listening to this – but only after leaving my wife at the North Terminal so she could go to Portugal.  And Roifield’s mother thought she was having a heart attack and needed […]


DTD: 163 – The Return of the Matt

‘Ello Pussycat is uttered so many times in this podcast I lost count as all contributors were keen to welcome the return of Matt Crawford from Costa Rica, with perhaps one of the best attempts coming from Lucy herself – possibly because she was losing her voice anyway!  She had beer on tap to keep talking.  Meanwhile Roifield’s answers this week all derive from ’90s R&B hits. Money is much discussed this week – Emma is on a slippery slope with the credit card, Kenton finding money down the back of the sofa to finance gin production when he owes […]


DTD: 162 – Susie Ridds Aka Tracey Horrobin

Not the highlight of this week is Lucy’s phone alarm going off in the middle of the podcast – we all want to know what it was for!  The real highlight of the week is a visit from Susie Riddell who was once Kate Aldridge and returned to the village as Tracy Horrobin when she finally spoke a couple of years ago.  She paints a picture of what Tracy might look like and looks forward to chasing the next single man to appear in the village. Oddly our hosts seem keen on the descent to EastEnder levels of shouting which […]


DTD: 161 – Cow Clap and new Chris Carter

Lucy took apart the week’s events in Ambridge with great relish. In particular the return of Chris Carter attracts much comment as did Hooty Jill’s swimsuit. Lucky Leroy.  The spark between Alice and Chris across the class divide has been lost with the recasting. Roifield admits memory problems having forgotten this week’s events having only finished listening 30 minutes earlier. Brian is clearly a Relate counsellor in disguise – his understanding of the female of the species exceeds all understanding. How soon will Shula be following in Pip’s footsteps to the Bank of Mum?  A financial day of reckoning will […]