Sara Coward, the voice of Caroline – tribute

Sara Coward provided the voice of Caroline Bone, later Pemberton and most recently Sterling from 1979 until her death last weekend. Sara was spotted by the BBC at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and awarded one of the Carleton Hobbs bursaries which provided funds and a six month contract of employment with BBC Drama Repertory company as well as the Equity card needed in those days. Outside of The Archers Sara had a varied career and many plum roles – Lady MacBeth, Amanda in Private Lives, Mrs Warren in Mrs Warren’s Profession and Lady Bracknell, plus Sally Bowles in […]


DTD 155 – Sara Coward – Caroline Sterling tribute and Hardeep Singh Koli

On this week’s episode, we have a tribute to Sara Coward who played Caroline Sterling from Kosmo, Lucy and the New York meet up posse. Lucy is living it up in New York this week and brings us a huge Barwick Green opening from the Big Apple posse of DumTeeDum who are out in force for her royal visit.  The DumTeeDummers reflect on Caroline Bone and her contribution to The Archers over nearly 40 years.  The podcast also salutes the passing of Sara Coward who has sadly lost her return match with cancer. In Lucy’s seat this week is the […]


DTD: 154 – Rob Titchener’s send off, a nation rejoices

Well who knew? Roifield mentioned Hardeep Singh Kohli last week and amazingly he listens to the Archers, DumTeeDum and will be joining the podcast next week for an interview, with Roifield observing that it will be nice to have someone funny on the show for once. Lucy was predictably miffed – but still delivered an amazing monologue examining in detail Pip and Toby’s relationship. Relationship? Relationship? She moved onto Susan, Tracy, Justin, Lilian, Miranda showering them in jokes and then revisited Anisha’s bush, which is not thought to be where Rob was hiding all week. She then imitated Henry to […]


DTD 153 – The Queen of The BBC Dumteedums and colonic insights

The DumTeeDum this week comes from the recently retired Queen Bee (Director) of BBC Radio – Helen Boaden. Several times in this podcast The Archers is credited with getting people into radio and/or drama. This is wonderful and long may it continue. Following Lucy’s entertaining and enjoyable monologue (which briefly manages to review Anisha’s bush and Rex’s interest therein) the podcast gets extremely dirty very quickly as our hosts discuss shit in detail as Roifield talks about a colonic irrigation he enjoyed some years ago. Whilst he had the one he has never had a second! And with the probable […]


DTD 152 – Punditry is poop and what will Rob do next?

Lucy and Roifield are running on time this week, it is the summary which is late!  Nosila opens proceedings with a kazoo provided by I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.  Then Kosmo is told to sod off – but he is still writing podcast summaries, honest.  Lucy discusses Lily’s party at great length as she is unable to discuss Lilian telling Justin about Rob as the microphones were not working at the time.  Anyway Lucy’s dissection of the mooning is as funny as her description of Spring Shimmer – a wonderful new lipstick used by Susan.  Lucy does not think […]


DTD 151: The return of Stefan

Lucy in fine form this week as she spots ”Right you are” every day of the week. She is loving the way Kirsty is developing her pregnancy and the story & character are working well. Roifield endorses this; but Tom as father also has to be involved. How will it play out? Much more serious for Roifield are the Frillies. He is dismissive of the delivery and speaking powers of both Freddie and Lily (who has acquired a new voice as a result of another change – but then it is so long since she spoke that her previous friend […]


DTD: 150 – Happy Birthday us and Tom Archer, pin head or Twonk?

Some of us can claim to have listened to 150 episodes of this podcast and have survived bouts of laughter to split our sides, crying enough to drown; the impact of tent flaps, tuna custard bake, scotch egg buns in ovens, stuffed culvert gate, Haugh gate and murdering mother in the motorway services. So time for another 30 minutes (if you believe that you will believe anything) of merriment in the hands of arch punner Lucy and podcast husband Roifield, some of it at the expense of that well known fly on the wall documentary “The Archers”. Kosmo who hopes […]


DTD 149: Pregnancies, Star Wars and you’re the father!

Normality returns for some value of normal. Lucy monologues, the callers call in and Roifield is extremely smug. Mexican wifi is pretty flaky so this summary will stop And start. Roifield is smug because Kirsty has the Scotch Egg in the oven as predicted and I am grateful to Paul Roome for providing all of the evidence. Lucy was far more concerned about the lack of dressmaking knowledge by the writer – Roifield did CSE needlework and agreed with Lucy. It is very strange this week. Dusty asks if Caz could be the next Hayley?  Dusty can be found outside […]


DTD: 148 New Year with David Archer aka Tim Bentinck

A New Year special edition where Tim Bentinck (who sounds very like David Archer) recalls seeing in many New Years at Brookfield and other stories from the farm at the centre of Ambridge – including the man who must not be named (Sam the cowman) who almost wrecked David’s marriage to Ruth.  Roifield points out that The Archers is particularly good at mentioning birthdays and anniversaries – particularly the programme’s own birthday on 1 January so the focus is often on Brookfield.  The loss of Nigel is also covered – no-one was pleased with the departure of such an idio-syncratic […]


DTD: 147 – Andrew Horn and Yokelbear, with Millie Belle and Witherspoon

Once again the alternatives are taking over the asylum as Lucy and Roifield stand aside to allow Messrs Andrew Horn and YokelBear to seize control of the podcast and the recording deck is still showing signs of Christmas decorations as they start with a mega rendition of Barwick Green actually from Barwick in Elmet. YokelBear is fascinated by the impact of Toby on the Brookfield Archers – bad boys are always fun – so long as you are not directly involved. He also hopes Jill is keeping an eye on Ruth’s cooking – if she manages to break out of […]