We both love doing Dum Tee Dum because we both love The Archers, however life gets in the way. Put simply Lucy’s scripts take time to write and after we record the show editing takes the best part of the working day. Now if neither of us had kids or mortgages to service, this would be fine but increasingly when it’s a toss up between doing the show or paid work, unfortunately the show has to lose out and then it gets published late. So with your donation, Lucy and Roifield can justify to our families the time we put into the show to keep it on the road.

There are two ways to donate either via Paypal where you can donate any amount you like or you can donate $2 per episode via

Every donation is greatly received but donators over £30 are promoted to sponsor status of a forthcoming show and can nominate a cause or charity to highlight.

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Donate any amount via Paypal

Donate $2 per episode via Patreon