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    Zoe Bojelian

    I drove past Brookfield and we live opposite Grange Farm (in fact our house is where their cowshed used to be. I was wondering if any other DumTeeDummers had Archers neighbours or perhaps in live in an Archers property.

    Thinking about it I work with an Archer and know an Alderidge too. Do you know any Archers characters?

    Miss Mid-City
    Miss Mid-City

    I don’t know any Archers properties nearby but I do know some Archers: I know a Derbyshire Dales dairy farming family of Archers headed by Mr Anthony Archer. He’s a fine tuba player but he never goes by the name of “Tony” to my knowledge.

    Also, the head of my former chambers was a lawyer called Usha – but she was married to a doctor, not a vicar. I reckon she’d be rubbish at cricket, though. Just thought of my niece who has a Jack Russell called Harrison however I’ve yet to meet anyone called Fallon. That name really reminds me of the 1980s and “Dynasty” – a sudsy, frothy soap with some daft character names (like Krystle Carrington, Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter, Dominique Devereaux).

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    One thing I can say: I’ve never met a Pip in my life!


    I went to school with 2 Pips. Pip Payne (and she was a bit) and Pip Sargeant, whose father was a Sargeant (true!! ) we were so relieved when he was promoted …. I’m still friends with Pip Sargeant. (Although she is no longer a sargeant).
    I worked on a Grange Farm, had a friend who lived in a Glebe Cottage , and my ex husband lives near Ambridge …..Pennsylvania …..

    Sarah Passingham
    Sarah Passingham

    I was born and had my first few years at The Grange. Grange Farm was next door. I live opposite Glebe Cottage now, and went to see my friend Pip a couple of weekends ago. My aunt is Pat and I think, although her name is Diana, that my mother (87) is probably Peggy in another life – she treats me like she treats Lilian! Although I don’t behave like Lilian or have nearly so much fun, and I’m certain I get her 2nd best china, possibly 3rd best!

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