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    Purple Pumpkin
    Purple Pumpkin

    So, Pip is pregnant by her ex who she had a couple of quick ones with. Not like Kirsty, who got pregnant by her ex who she had just the one quickie with. Have there been other Ambridge pregnancies from flings with exes? I remember Jennifer getting back breifly with Roger Travers-Macy, but thankfully post-childbearing. I find the flings with exes part credible – people do often seem to have trouble breaking things off cleanly, especially if there isn’t anyone else around. But how many people are only careless with contraception when they’re with an ex?


    Two thoughts sprang to my mind when Pip announced her pregnancy : “What this again? Unplanned pregnancy? I’m bored” and “Obviously contraception doesn’t work in Ambridge …must be something in the water.”
    It really does feel like an overdone storyline …or maybe it’ll become the new Christmas theme
    Will the Panto survive? (it will) ; Eddie has clever but slightly iffy idea for money making ; someone gets pregnant. We could add “and someone falls off the roof to round the whole thing out” …..a way of getting rid of silent characters? One last scream and they’re sorted? Just think what fun the “silents” could have developing their last scream.

    No, I’m not impressed with the Pip preganacy storyline …

    Miss Mid-City
    Miss Mid-City


    Not sure about recycling or the frequency of characters having flings with ex partners and ending up pregnant – but the “surprise pregnancy” is a tired, old trope.

    We’ve had a few recent unplanned pregnancies in The Archers:

    – Ruth was unexpectedly pregnant about 3 years ago in her late 40s
    – Helen was raped by Rob and fell pregnant with Jack
    – Kirsty and Tom had a night of passion and she ended up pregnant

    Now Pip!

    Plus we had Phoebe had a pregnancy/STI scare after a fling with Constantin. I’m not in this age group but I thought young people took more care with their health.

    Not sure why this storyline has been introduced. What’s the point? I have no time for Pip so I’m not thrilled that she’s reproducing. Perhaps the idea is that she’ll dither and change her mind about a termination and in the end, she and Toby will reunite again. Then she’ll have to be brave and adult and speak to her parents about the situation. Maybe she’ll have the baby. Cue: total overreaction from David and Jill, scorn and support from Josh, silence from Ben and Ruth lined up as peacemaker.

    Or … maybe she doesn’t have the baby? But if she simply goes for a termination and tells no-one other than Elizabeth, then the whole thing might as well have never happened.

    There must be a reason for this … !

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