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    Jacqueline Bertho
    Jacqueline Bertho

    I agree with all of the comments in the thread entitled « Recycling Storylines » but we need to remember we are talking about a small rural, dare we say, inbred village.

    I have said it before the rural French, inbred, village where I live has so many parallels with Ambridge. The young people here seem to have unwanted or very young pregnancies all the time. Two babies born this month to 20 year olds, one a farming student, already!

    The other storyline here in which the young feature is the fatal car crash where 6 or so youths are killed or badly injured on unlit country roads after a night out in town…..this was a fairly regular event when I worked in a school in Pickering, North Yorkshire many moons ago. With the events of Lily and Freddy passing their driving tests, the arrival of Nollie (can’t remember how to spell her full name), plus the speed watch, going no where story, I am kind of expecting a tragic plot turn. Should probably phone it in…….

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