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    Janis Poe

    As Lillian prefers being in a relationship, however much being single looks like the preferable option, I am interested in dumteedumers thoughts on whether she should choose Tiger or stick with Justin.

    I am team Matt, obviously he doesn’t deserve her, but their relationship has a frisson that she doesn’t have with Justin however many baths they share.

    Miss Mid-City
    Miss Mid-City


    There’s nothing believable or palatable about any of this to me. I know 70 year olds with bags of energy but they don’t waste it on playing the relationship merry-go-round like hormonal millennials on “Love Island”.

    And as for rekindling romance with someone who’s humiliated you and robbed you blind?! Pure idiocy! It defies sense.

    If I hear any dialogue along the lines of, “I know he’s no good for me – but I love him!” I’ll roll my eyes and switch off. This is the sort of distorted and unhealthy attachment that I have to try and deal with most days professionally. I’d be making an urgent application for a psychological assessment …


    Lilian loves a bad boy. She was worried that life with Justin was going to be too dull, now she is put off by his determination to take down Matt- boring!. I think it is going to be easy for her to justify getting back together with Matt and I am not looking forward to the affair they are bound to have behind Justin’s back. It is going to get ugly.

    Marie Eaton Smith
    Marie Eaton Smith

    Team Justin.

    Lillian likes money, and Justin has plenty; she does not want to be alone, and needs to have a lover in her life. I think Lillian may still have a soft spot for Matt, and does not want him hurt/broken by Justin, but I think that she can never trust Matt, or be secure with him again. She had an affair with Matt’s brother, while she was with Matt too, and Matt was never fully open with her about all his ‘dealings’. I did love the ‘Pusscat’ and ‘Tiger’ story when it was at its best.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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