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    Katherine Jago
    Katherine Jago

    This is probably the mis-prediction of the century, but I wonder if Tom and Pip will end up together?

    I am thinking of two things in particular: during the floods I remember Tom “saving” Pip and them being very friendly. And Tom’s prediction that they would both end up single.

    I’m trying to work out their exact relationship – are they second cousins?


    Pip -> David -> Jill + Phil
    Tom -> Tony -> Peggy + Jack

    Phil and Jack Archer were brothers.

    So, yes, 2nd Cousins.

    But, NO!


    No, I cannot see it either. Until Pip had an attack of the ptf the two respected each other as the obvious farming heir for their individual tracts of land. Of course if they did get together it solves the problem of renaming the programme when Pip inherits and has a different married name.

    Sally Newey

    A Monica / Chandler pact !

    It would make them the most irratating couple on earth, shuddering thought.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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