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    Marie Inger

    Maybe not for Lillian and Justin, or Pip and whoever ( I think Roifield is right that the gorgeous Alfie is there to affect Pip – no one who your parents so approve of can ever be taken seriously. And here I was thinking he would be a new character.)
    Much love for Robert in the podcast this week and we all agree that Lynda is behaving badly. Though I tend to remember the odd times she has shown some sensitivity and try to forgive. Robert is not the only partner of someone we love to hate who really seems to love them while seeing their faults and handling them brilliantly. I am also thinking of Susan and Neil and William and Nic. I seem to remember that Susan tricked Neil into marriage with a pretended pregnancy back in the days when if you got a girl pregnant, the decent thing to do was to marry her quickly and pretend the baby was born preterm. Strange to think this was within living memory!

    Brian and Jenny just deserve each other.

    Claire Astbury
    Claire Astbury

    I think Ed and Emma are a well drawn couple. More than Will and Nic to be honest. I think Roy and Lexi will be a decent match.

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