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    Claire Astbury

    I have left a speakpipe message over the weekend suggesting that Lillian will not be able to resist getting back together with Matt. But on the basis of Sunday’s episode I have already changed my mind! It seems that she holds more of a grudge than I realised.

    Also, in recent days we’ve had quite a bit of positive spin about Justin, presumably to cast him in a good light in comparison to Matt. But just to even the score, let’s not forget that he recently paid off Stefan about the flooding accusations, and is currently pressurising Brian to get Borchester Land to buy into the asset stripping of the broiler unit based on the land value. And cheated on his wife of course, but that seems to be standard practice for any of Lillian’s men……

    Will the exciting Tiger vanquish the increasingly humdrum Justin? Will Lillian settle down or will she go for a last hurrah? There’s still a little part of me thinks she might go for a final fling with Matt and break Justin’s heart entirely.


    Sarah Passingham

    Don’t do it Lillian! Remain your own woman – play them both like the slimey fishes they are…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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