DTD: 162 – Susie Ridds Aka Tracey Horrobin

Not the highlight of this week is Lucy’s phone alarm going off in the middle of the podcast – we all want to know what it was for!  The real highlight of the week is a visit from Susie Riddell who was once Kate Aldridge and returned to the village as Tracy Horrobin when she finally spoke a couple of years ago.  She paints a picture of what Tracy might look like and looks forward to chasing the next single man to appear in the village. Oddly our hosts seem keen on the descent to EastEnder levels of shouting which […]


Character Statistics for March 2017

Appearances during March 2017 1 Lilian Bellamy   12 2 Brian Aldridge   10 3 Justin Elliott   9 4 Ruth Archer 8 5 Tom Archer 8 6 Harrison Burns 8 7 Shula Hebden Lloyd 8 8 Jennifer Aldridge 7 9 David Archer 7 10 Pip Archer 7 11 Kirsty Miller 7 12 Toby Fairbrother 6 13 Alistair Lloyd 6 14 Jill Archer 5 15 Eddie Grundy 5 16 Lynda Snell 5 17 Alice Carter 4 18 Usha Franks 4 19 Robert Snell 4 20 Miranda Elliott 3 21 Rex Fairbrother 3 22 Clarrie Grundy 3 23 Emma Grundy 3 […]


DTD: 161 – Cow Clap and new Chris Carter

Lucy took apart the week’s events in Ambridge with great relish. In particular the return of Chris Carter attracts much comment as did Hooty Jill’s swimsuit. Lucky Leroy.  The spark between Alice and Chris across the class divide has been lost with the recasting. Roifield admits memory problems having forgotten this week’s events having only finished listening 30 minutes earlier. Brian is clearly a Relate counsellor in disguise – his understanding of the female of the species exceeds all understanding. How soon will Shula be following in Pip’s footsteps to the Bank of Mum?  A financial day of reckoning will […]


DTD: 160 – Justins proposal and sick cows

British podcast awards – Vote here https://www.britishpodcastawards.com/vote/ to vote correctly enter “Dumteedum” into the search box. Our podcast needs some new DumTeeDums to open the show – speakpipe them to Roifield.  Lucy is mainliinng The Archers until her sister calls but soon recovers.  Lucy then lectures Justin on how to behave romantically as well as trying to explain why only Usha and Anisha are being dragged into the cricket team whilst Pip, Kirsty and Alice might actually have some suitable skills?  Roifield wants more from Jim and Robert interacting!  And Lucy helpfully points out that Roifield likes facts as well […]


DTD: 159 – Sunny Ormonde on Lillian the post feminist

Special feature this week. The last 20 minutes this week is Lucy interviewing Sunny Ormonde – her voice may be better known to you as the post-feminist Lilian of course. Worth listening to the first hour first. British podcast awards – Lucy provides instructions on how to vote – support out podcast and help them get proper recognition. Vote here https://www.britishpodcastawards.com/vote/ to vote correctly enter “Dumteedum” into the search box. After a discourse on the map of the week our hosts get down to business. Not surprisingly Lilian, Justin and Miranda take prime billing as the last dumps her husband […]


DTD: 158 – Lilian’s cleavage and the drunken mayor

On this week’s episode we have calls from Witherspoon who thinks Krusty is having a flight into health Not Contrary who wonders what apps Ambridge uses Sarah who thought the miscarriage might be a new start and Bye Bye Steve who thinks women haven’t got the googlies


Character Statistics – February 2017

Appearances during February 2017 1 Helen Titchener 11 2 Kirsty Miller 10 3 Tom Archer 8 4 Lilian Bellamy 8 5 Eddie Grundy 8 6 Jennifer Aldridge 7 7 Pat Archer 7 8 Henry Archer 6 9 Justin Elliott 6 10 Alistair Lloyd 6 11 Lynda Snell 6 12 Harrison Burns 5 13 Roy Tucker 5 14 Josh Archer 4 15 Clarrie Grundy 4 16 Shula Hebden Lloyd 4 17 Anisha Jayakoday 4 18 Fallon Rogers 4 19 Brian Aldridge 3 20 Kenton Archer 3 21 Pip Archer 3 22 Miranda Elliott 3 23 Jazzer McCreary 3 24 Rob Titchener […]