Monologue 5 June 2017

Tom’s still banging on about fermented foods. Nope, I’m sorry, you can call it kefir and kimchee all you like, but fermented food is still compost. Lilian had a fantastic time leaping around in a leather catsuit pretending to be Purdey from the Avengers with the speed gun. Gemma Hawkins and Leroy were both caught going too slow but that’s because they caught sight of Lilian and drove into the hedge. Apparently we are now calling Open Farm Sunday OFS. Or Fun Farm Sunday, which is FFS. Much more approrpriate. Freddie had a bad algebra test. It wasn’t the equations […]


DTD: 170 – Shambridges on Prosecco, Pip, Gin and Lillian

With Lucy taking a no-doubt well deserved holiday Shambridges, Harriet Carmichael, takes the second hot seat whilst the Newcastle meet up provides the Geordie DumTeeDum at the top of the show.  A mention for our sponsor who have an attractive website explaining what they do (and I have not mentioned them recently). Lucy’s summary of the week is replaced by a wonderful Shambridges visitation with Lizzie wanting Rob back in the village, the irritating Lilly whines on about Pip’s whining, Pip sounding 45 and droning on, Ruaridgh has a new accent and is off to Roumania – and Roifield said he preferred […]


Character Statistics for May 2017

Appearances during May 2017 1 PIP ARCHER 14 2 Lilian Bellamy 10 3 Brian Aldridge 9 4 David Archer 8 = Justin Elliott 8 = Toby Fairbrother 8 7 Jennifer Aldridge 7 8 Ruth Archer 6 = Rex Fairbrother 6 = Adam Macy 6 = Lily Pargetter 6 12 Jolene Archer 5 = Eddie Grundy 5 = Anisha Jayakoday 5 15 Kenton Archer 4 = Harrison Burns 4 = Alice Carter 4 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 4 = Kirsty Miller 4 = Lynda Snell 4 21 Neil Carter 3 = Matt Crawford 3 = Joe Grundy 3 = Alistair Lloyd […]


DTD: 169 – Lillian, Miranda, Rex and Lilly feature on this weeks show

Our hosts reflect on what was generally a good week for The Archers.  Miranda and Justin splitting up the assets and then Miranda and Lilian having a face off at the Dower House.  Of course Hilda Ogden arriving had a new slashing arrival whilst this week’s map was about Ambridge.  You have to listen to the end of the podcast for the best bit of the week however! Much other ground covered plus some new callers, which is always welcome.  Go and help ginger up the forum on the website – far more interesting than it was. Great plot prediction […]


DTD: 168 – Pip, Toby and Ben gets it, with Chris Neill and Right you are of the Week.

Lucy is picking up high level BBC intelligence from secret drops in Epping Forest whilst she is recording Walky Talky. These drops includes this week’s DumTeeDum from Doha. Lucy then gets the order of the podcast wrong (twice) this week and Roifield leaves her apparent confusion in the final version. 20 year listener comedian Chris Neill then keeps Lucy in painful stitches (she had just been to pilates) for some 20 minutes as they discuss the ins and outs of our favourite programme.  Chris first remembers listening to the death of John Archer.  If he joined the cast Chris would […]


Monologue 15 May 2017

Ah, the dawn walk. Lots of tits in a field. Mummy made me get up early because she’s a maniac. Loony loony loony! shouted Henwee. They all hopped about in a field while Lynda lectured them on speeding and made them crouch in a hedge while all the birds for a mile away legged it as they could hardly hear themselves tweet over the rustling of cagoules. The big meeting happened at Home Farm. “Oh of course no-one’s going to turn against you” said everyone to everyone else, in gleeful ignorance of every family schism that has ever occurred in […]