DTD: 197 – Whats in Matts Suitcase…. CASH!

Huge apologies are due to Native Heath who really did create that DumTeeDum a few weeks ago. All say sorry! Native Heath’s partner joins him on the call this week – but needs to call in herself and fill us in on all the standard information. Lucy is on fine form in her monologue this week (although the innuendo is unrepeatable and repeating it here would spoil the joke – go and listen to it). Everyone has realised that we have lost Matt forever this time – there is no extradition treaty with Ecuador (cf Julian Assange – will Matt […]


DTD: 196 – Was it attempted murder in Ambridge or reckless driving in the village?

Lucy provides us with her usual run down of events in Ambridge covering 75 minutes in 5 minutes. She has spotted that very shortly the aeronautical scientist, wedding planner with excellent sales skills for a techie will be adding recovered alcoholic to her lengthy cv; something which will no doubt bore the pants off Chris for many moons to come. And she spotted the boring bit – Lexi shopping with Roy. Naked Fingers notes that the monologue gets dirtier ever week. He then piles more filth into our ears! He then keeps banging throughout the podcast and alleges it is […]


DTD: 195 – Its officially official, Matt is a total bastard

Roifield and Lucy appeal for more DumTeeDums to open the podcast – kazoos welcomed or even humming! Lucy is apparently not keen on either Noluthando or Freddie from this week’s amazing week in Ambridge. Alastair’s dj gets a look in. Shula is now running a sex chat line on the side apparently. An excellent report on Ambridge events. Does any Mother and Baby Group ever welcome political speakers? No, this was new to me as well. Interview arrangements at Gay Grables were completely beyond belief under any circumstances. It just did not work – the most obvious reveal ever. Roifield […]


DTD: 194 – Lillian, does she love Justin or Matt, is it Justin’s money or Matt’s excitement ?

Naked Fingers returns to launch Zodiac Space Dogs with a prog rock version of DumTeeDum in outer space which soon has Lucy cackling away! Lucy gives us chapter and verse on modern child creating methods and the infinite improbability drive kicked into overdrive when Lucy Pargetter (not our LucyVF) started giving advice on men to Philippa who then followed it to our huge surprise. Matt and Lilian went dogging without Ruby. LucyVF seems convinced that Justin and Lilian will not marry. Has Emmur actually said “you might think that but I could not possibly comment” yet? Matt has started sounding […]


DTD: 193 – The life of Tim Bentinck – Being David Archer: And Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living

Timothy Bentinck has played the part of David Archer in The Archers since 1982, he is also the 12th Earl of Portland. He talks to Roifield about his family, life and career.


DTD: 192 – Justin and Matt square up like silver backs and Lilly’s polite racism

Lucy explains why those involved in affairs should not use strange names as they stand out like a sore thumb in a list on your phone, a tip she claims she got from George Clooney. Our hosts are once again struggling with technology with over an hour’s recording lost but I am not sure it justified Lucy’s attack on Roifield although she did apologise it did feel as though a nuclear winter had set in! Keri gets the clap for his scripts this week as requested by Andrew Horn. Toby appears to be reforming too quickly for his own good […]


DTD: 191 – Emma runs for office and Kate has to deal with mini Kate

Naked Fingers decides to provide entertainment this week by telling us just what “nut to nut” means in relation to castration and the male listeners walked around with crossed legs for the rest of the day. Sadly the wonderful new software will not function without Daddy Roifield in charge and everything is back to old tech this week despite numerous attempts to get it working and NF offers to do the editing as penance. The children cannot manage without Daddy’s guiding hands (which is not a reference to Harvey Weinstein). Yokel Bear manages his contribution without losing his voice and […]


DTD: 190 Lucas returns to Ambridge and speaks to Roifield on Dumteedum Extra!

Connie M’Gadzah who plays journalist Lucas, estranged husband to Kate and father of Noluthando, was heard back on The Archers last week after 15 years away we celebrate his return!


DTD – 189 Helen offers to carry Ian and Adams baby and Britain reacts in horror!

Very clear recording this week as Roifield and Lucy get to grips with new software. Callers should be aware that a fixed 2 minute limit is now in place for messages so it is absolute which is unfair on new callers. Lucy gets Roifield to agree to re-edit Shambridges answering the phone. Get well soon Hopalong Dusty. In this new super improved format we can hear our hosts reacting to the callers’ comments as they are made. Lilian is given a lot of important advice, I hope she is listening. Roifield wants Helen to be “rested”, other characters deserve decent […]


DTD: 188 – Lexit, Lexi leaves a broken hearted Brexit voting Roy

This week I thought I would give a guide to where to find items on DumTeeDum 01:03 DumTeeDum from the Oxford Meetup 03:15 Lucy’s hilarious week in Ambridge (Lucy loves 5Star – didn’t we all?) 09:06 Lucy gives blood and Robert loses his light on the Cowley Road 14:17 Jill from Tennessee calls in for the first time 19:18 Glyn knew the Roy would get interrupted and asks for it to be given a rest 22:37 Sussex Shepherd wants Roy on the next plane to Sofia and then Bagpuss gets discussed 27:47 Andrew Horn continues the confusion between Hungary and […]