Meetup in Central London

On 18 September 2017 Vicky from Kenya, Glyn Fullelove, Kosmo and Andrew Horn gathered in Central London.  Despite Andrew’s presence a rendition of DumTeeDum was not attempted – Kosmo certainly did not feel like drowning out his angelic voice!  However the event was recorded: Vicky claims to be right up to date with The Archers (apart from Monday night) and will be calling in again soon as she heads back to Kenya.


DTD: 187 – Love for Roy and Lexi and Jennifer reveals her true colours

On this week’s episode we have views from Lady Garf Garf who hopes Adam and Ian adopt a real child Blithe Spirit who thinks Roy needs to put a ring on it Witherspoon who thinks Peggy is three-faced Claire Astbury who loves a bit of F & P and Jane who has been to an Archers wedding.


DTD: 186 – Roy and Lexi get it on and Ian and Adam talk babies

Early hilarity here when it becomes clear that Lucy confuses her Polish and Bulgarian false accents when allocating Lexi to the wrong EU country. Perhaps it is a good thing we are leaving Europe! Given the years it took Neil to become a manager I am surprised that Johnny was offered the chance to manage veg at Bridge Farm, unless that includes all of the human residents as well? It appears Dusty Substances is not alone in liking the annual panto débâcle – support all over Twitter apparently. Kathy is the current day Prue Forrest – oft seen in the […]


DTD: 184 – Boring snoring Ian and Adam and Camp Coffee news!

Roifield and Lucy at play with the Dumteedummers again this week.  Lots of exploding kefir, unhappy Adam and Ian who are rarely the most exciting couple in Honeysuckle Cottage let alone Ambridge.  It struck me that the whole adoption story should have run five or more years ago before the Titchener nonsense.  In all honesty that man did a lot of damage to the Borsetshire space time continuum. Also Naked Fingers gets referenced for baring other parts of his body – highly revealing.  The Sussex Shepherd reappears as does Dusty Substances whilst apart from materialising with Millie Belle Witherspoon does […]


Character Statistics for August 2017

Appearances during Aug 2017 1 Susan Carter 10 = Emma Grundy 10 3 Shula Hebden Lloyd 9 = Anisha Jayakody 9 5 Justin Elliott 8 = Alistair Lloyd 8 = Oliver Sterling 8 8 Clarrie Grundy 7 9 Lilian Bellamy 6 = Ed Grundy 6 = Adam Macy 6 = Lexi Viktorova 6 13 Phoebe Aldridge 5 = Matt Crawford 5 = Roy Tucker 5 16 Brian Aldridge 4 = Jill Archer 4 = Alice Carter 4 = Kirsty Miller 4 20 Chris Carter 3 = Neil Carter 3 = Ian Craig 3 = Rex Fairbrother 3 = Lily Pargetter […]


DTD: 183 – Kefir and a drunk Alice

Lucy’s monologue assures us that Emmur’s youngest is now called Kefira by Soosan. Also Lucy was as amazed as us listeners when we heard that ferrets running riot, Lynda reading Tropic of Cancer on reception, Roy abusing any guests with a slight tan and the health club being run by the local eco-activist who is never there are examples of best practice likely to be adopted by any hotel chain, let alone an Accomplished one. Oliver’s wishes for selling Gay Grables in aspic does seem to be a little unreasonable and likely to put off future customers. Brian is importing […]


DTD: 182 – Emma’s housing dreams

Nice to hear them, for us to hear them nice. We start with meetings.  The happy Angela (no middle initial) Barnes, still in Edinburgh, has met Glyn Fullelove’s daughter who is looking after her very well.  I have to say that last week’s monologue was better than this week’s. Roifield then asked for guidance on the Carter children when growing up – but I do not recall much antagonism between them although Chris’s cleft palate meant Emma felt she was being overlooked.  More seriously they have forgotten that Emma is an internet whizz – she would be pinterest and not […]