DTD: 169 – Lillian, Miranda, Rex and Lilly feature on this weeks show

On this week’s episode we have calls from Abi who thinks the Farebrethren were made in Chelsea Nicola Headlam who says keep death on the roads Claire Asbury who says Rex needs to learn from Pip, Witherspoon who says Rex is an enabler


DTD: 168 – Pip, Toby and Ben gets it, with Chris Neill and Right you are of the Week.

Lucy is picking up high level BBC intelligence from secret drops in Epping Forest whilst she is recording Walky Talky. These drops includes this week’s DumTeeDum from Doha. Lucy then gets the order of the podcast wrong (twice) this week and Roifield leaves her apparent confusion in the final version. 20 year listener comedian Chris Neill then keeps Lucy in painful stitches (she had just been to pilates) for some 20 minutes as they discuss the ins and outs of our favourite programme.  Chris first remembers listening to the death of John Archer.  If he joined the cast Chris would […]


DTD: 167 – Pip kinda dumps Toby and where is Carol?

In this week’s podcast there is a DumTeeDum from Bye Bye Steve; some light chit chat including a report on Derek’s activities at the races; Lucy’s alternative take on a week in Ambridge which mentions the absurdity of the proposed share out at Home Farm and the inevitable family feast which will go wrong; new and old callers highlighting certain aspects of village life, including an unnecessary and over the top castigation of poor Will and the hanging exercise undertaken by his current and ex wives, “Poor Will and  the Jolly Hangmen” should be played. “‘Ello Pusscat” is still reverberating […]