DTD: 124 Gold medals, A levels results and Lucy is back

Lucy returns to the podcast after three weeks away.  She returns jet lagged (I know the feeling) and fails to count to three so her weekly round up is a week late.  She then provides her usual knowledgeable commentary on the callers who are talking about the current week.  No doubt she will have caught up with the rest of us by next week. Special powers were revealed – Lucy can predict what other people will order from a menu and Judi Dench knows the time of day without looking at a watch and Jacqueline Bertho only gets lost in […]


DTD – 123 – Mans Hour and another 43 minutes on top

No Lucy again this week so Roifield has the complex task of managing men as he is joined by Jed who does an amazing update on events in Ambridge, Terry Molloy, Yokel Bear and Andrew Horn.  Despite initial objections they end up agreeing that the men are typically poorly written as characters with perhaps only Rob standing out from the crowd.  It also tends to explain why Shula is having difficulties in her marriage. Numerous callers cover a huge swathe of issues – listen to every possible twist and turn they illuminate Pip’s relationship with Toby (some great predictions there), […]


DTD – 122 – Christine Michael of The Ambridge Observer

Mary not Contrary provides the opening DumTeeDum this week where Roifield and Harriet Carmichael (Shambridges) are joined by Christine Michael from the Ambridge Observer for a comedy filled 90 minutes. Ambridge Observer went live in late 2014 and takes the form of a blog and has developed into a newspaper approach to reporting events in Ambridge. In real life she is a magazine editor by profession and this authenticity shows through. Her husband introduced her to The Archers in the early ’90s with her first story memory being Lizzie as she was abandoned by Cameron Fraser. She feels that TA […]


DTD 121 – William Smethurst tribute and Shambridges.

Harriet of Shambridges fame sits in with Roifield this week as Lucy is away and in place of the usual summary she provides a wonderful soundalike of various characters having phone sex with Justin. Yes like Lucy, Harriet is highly attuned to the extensive sexual activity now replacing the gaslighting. Roifield credits Smethurst with the affair between Kathy and DS Barry – but this happened some years later under the editorship of Ruth Patterson. It was during this period and subsequently that the balance of the programme changed and the women became dominant and steadily the males in the programme […]


Character Statistics for July 2016

!!! SPOILER ALERT !!! Only scroll down if you have listened to Sunday 31st July’s episode. Appearances during July 2016 1 Rex Fairbrother 9 = Toby Fairbrother 9 = Fallon Rogers 9 4 Pat Archer 8 = Adam Macy 8 6 Brian Aldridge 7 = Pip Archer 7 = Tom Archer 7 = Rob Titchener 7 = Anna Tregorran 7 11 Kenton Archer 5 = Tony Archer 5 = Lynda Snell 5 = Helen Titchener 5 15 Jennifer Aldridge 4 = Josh Archer 4 = Eddie Grundy 4 18 Henry Archer 3 = Jill Archer 3 = Lilian Bellamy 3 […]


DTD 120 – The Peasants Revolt

Another week another podcast. No summary last week in view of the poignant message from Tracy Chevin and this one is later than normal. There is a lack of new DumTeeDums to open the show – contributions are needed from all of us! Following her usual bedrock solid but rumbustious run down of Sex and the City, sorry The Archers (with added sex) Lucy was upbraided by Roifield for some alleged errors. She also included one very real error in that Peggy has not left Rob her home – she changed her will after she realised she had upset Tony. […]


DTD – 119 – Poems, Maps and Grundys.

From Tracy Chevin: As you are aware, following on from my sponsorship of dumteedum, my husband was terminally ill with cancer. He sadly passed away on 18.6.16 at home with his family around him. He wasn’t an archers fan but did listen along when I played dum tee dum. He was thrilled to be mentioned and that it’ll be in the archives for me to look back on. This is Dumteedum the show about the reality docu-drama that is centered on Ambridge in the heart of the Midlands. On this week’s episode we have calls from Steve who’s enjoying the […]


EP: 118 – Toby and Pip and Lillian and National Anthems and stuff!

Lucy has been watching sport and managed to include a load of joke balls but avoided the googlies, which is welcome. Then there is sport talk before turning to The Archers and Toby getting his legover, where we have to hope that this is not a repeat visit to infighting brothers (a la Grundies). I (Kosmo) sounded awful on my contribution and I admit I used a different tablet, so I blame Windows 10! To answer the question asked Ben was born on 15 March 2002 and so he is 14 years old. Everyone else made wonderful contributions covering Pip […]


Ep:117 Elves, Bad mothers and Elderflower Cordial

We had a very sad email from Maisiejet this week. She says “Just wanted to say that I was introduced to Dum Tee Dum by my dear friend Ruth Johnson. She was an equally bonkers Archers Fan. Ruth died on 21/06/2016. This was sudden and unexpected but she had suffered poor health for a number of years.” Rest in peace, Ruth, and much love to you Maisiejet from the dumteedum family. On this week’s episode we have calls from: Steve who says nuke the elves Claire who’s worried about Lilian New York Nigel who’s doing his grocery shopping Glyn who has […]

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Character Statistics for June 2016

Appearances during June 2016 1 Pip Archer   10 1 Toby Fairbrother   10 3 Rex Fairbrother   9 4 Helen Titchener   8 5 Pat Archer   7 5 Lilian Bellamy   7 5 Eddie Grundy   7 8 Tony Archer 6 9 Jennifer Aldridge 5 9 David Archer 5 9 Josh Archer 5 9 Clarrie Grundy 5 9 Kaz surname unknown Helen’s fellow inmate 5 14 Jill Archer 4 14 Ed Grundy 4 14 Joe Grundy 4 14 Kate Madikane 4 14 Rob Titchener 4 14 Anna Tregorran 4 14 Carol Tregorran 4 21 Phoebe Aldridge 3 21 […]