DTD: 210 – Again there’s bad news for the Aldridges and a presenter falls down the stairs

Time for our everyday story of podcasting folk. Robert is slowly recovering from his bruised pubis and we heard nothing about his possible speeding offence. This week however he decided to fall down some stone steps at work and has had to complete health and safety forms. Meanwhile Lucy has no heating and it is only 2 deg (presumably centigrade) inside her house. Robert explained (mansplained even?) how to fill a hot water bottle from a kettle to keep warm and Lucy decided that as there was only one hot water bottle she was having it and the kids could […]


DTD: 209 – “Gotcha!” Chemical Aldo dragged before baying mob

Dr Nicola Headlam gets to headline the DumTeeDum opening again with the Archers Academics day coming soon. Lucy with a slightly muffled and unscheduled Robert guide us through the somewhat strained waters of the week in Ambridge as there were cups of tea (from a proper teapot – hence the straining) and cake everywhere this week! The waters then got choppy when there was a village meeting over the TCE and even choppier when David learned that Lizzie knew about Toblerone first! Toxoplasmosis is rumoured to be on the horizon. Meanwhile the real week in the Freeman and Brown households […]


Character Count – January 2018

Who made the most appearances during January 2018? 1 Jennifer Aldridge   13 2 Brian Aldridge 12 3 Pip Archer 10 = Roy Tucker 10 5 David Archer 9 6 Ian Craig 8 = Toby Fairbrother 8 = Adam Macy 8 = Lexi Viktorova 8 10 Noluthando Madikane 7 11 Ruth Archer 6 = Alice Carter 6 = Kate Madikane 6 14 Susan Carter 5 = Freddie Pargetter 5 16 Justin Elliott 4 = Peggy Woolley 4 18 Jill Archer 3 = Kenton Archer 3 = Rex Fairbrother 3 = Emma Grundy 3 = Joe Grundy 3 = Nic Grundy […]

Dead fish in River Tame

DTD: 208 is Toby growing up and is Brian going to serve time at her majesty’s pleasure?

Jenny Dahling stars in this week’s village round up with great support from Home Farm events and Toby being a five year old father. Luckily as our hosts point out that whole story is about Toby growing up – echoing my comments about Toby merely being a younger version of Kenton – next week Toby will make it to 6! Robert (Naked Fingers) announces he is very much “Team Toby”. Lucy also knows that the builder responsible for the “Totally Contaminated Environment” is the long missing and lamented Brummie Builder – Jason – who stays in the memories of many […]


DTD: 207 – Kate and Nolly bond plus fatherhood stories.

Hosts this week are Roifield and Lucy with Millie Belle on social media duties. Roifield is still struggling with the new technology – he has buttons to push! Similarly Jenny had difficulty pushing and pulling Peggy into and out of the car. Lucy is very confused by having two Lyndas – they are easy to tell apart as only one of them has a sniff whilst the other needs clipping. I am confused over Spiritual Home. Firstly Brian points he has been subsidising it and coughing up money for shopping trips; within days it is so successful that it can […]


DTD: 206 – Lexi, Pip, the end of Kefir and more Ambridge goings on

Welcome to another sideways look at the DumTeeDum week featuring Robert Wilson and Lucy Freeman reporting on the events in Ambridge as broadcast by the BBC. First up this week is the never-ending barrel of Tumble Tussock cider which is immediately followed by Derek’s sex robot; the latter was of course merely a wig on an “Alexa”, which Robert worries about keeping clean! Lucy had a justifiable rant in the middle of the comedic review of the week over the nonsense of Helen and Pip having troubles over being single mums, compared with most single parents. Both have huge support […]


DTD: 205 Happy New Year, Lets recap the last two weeks in Ambridge – Pip rage!

Lucy starts strongly by completely avoiding mention of the wedding which did not happen and which wasted hours of Archers time but none of the podcast! Thank you Lucy. Roifield called it a fraud perpetrated by the writers and the editor. Much appreciation for Noluthando was expressed. Noluthando has helped Peggy with music, is keeping Freddie almost on the straight and narrow and can sort out Kate – as well as providing treatments at Spiritual Home! Blithe Spirit reckons that again the characters are being twisted to suit weak stories – it is not the fault of the writers, simply […]


Full Character Statistics for 2017

1 Lilian Bellamy   128 2 Justin Elliott   95 3 Pip Archer   89 4 Brian Aldridge   66 5 Adam Macy   62 6 Shula Hebden Lloyd   60 7 Jennifer Aldridge   59 8 Kirsty Miller   58 9 David Archer   53 10 Ruth Archer   52 11 Harrison Burns 49 = Roy Tucker 49 13 Helen Archer* 48 = Lynda Snell 48 15 Tom Archer 46 16 Toby Fairbrother 45 17 Jill Archer 44 18 Matt Crawford 43 19 Alistair Lloyd 42 20 Eddie Grundy 40 = Ian Craig 40 22 Rex Fairbrother 39 23 […]


Character Statistics for December 2017

Appearances during December 2017 1 Pip Archer 11 2 Eddie Grundy 9 3 Brian Aldridge 8 = Lilian Bellamy 8 = Elizabeth Pargetter 8 = Lynda Snell 8 7 Jennifer Aldridge 7 = Justin Elliott 7 9 Tony Archer 6 = Alan Franks 6 = Adam Macy 6 12 Pat Archer 5 = Johnny Phillips 5 14 Harrison Burns 4 = Ian Craig 4 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 4 = Lexi Viktorova 4 = Peggy Woolley 4 19 Helen Archer 3 = Susan Carter 3 = Toby Fairbrother 3 = Usha Franks 3 = Joe Grundy 3 = Nic Grundy […]


DTD: 204 – your calls

A short but sweet X-mas edition put together in Jamaica