Character Statistics for November 2016

Appearances during November 2016 1 Pip Archer 12 2 Toby Fairbrother 11 3 Lilian Bellamy 9 = Adam Macy 9 5 Brian Aldridge 8 = Susan Carter 8 = Rob Titchener 8 8 Eddie Grundy 7 = Lynda Snell 7 10 Neil Carter 6 = Kirsty Miller 6 = Helen Titchener 6 13 Alistair Lloyd 5 = Roy Tucker 5 15 David Archer 4 = Tony Archer 4 = Justin Elliott 4 = Emma Grundy 4 = Elizabeth Pargetter 4 20 Pat Archer 3 = Alice Carter 3 = Joe Grundy 3 = Anisha Jayakoday 3 24 Jennifer Aldridge 2 […]


DTD – 142 – Rehearsals, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Rude Maps

On this week’s episode we have calls from Yokelbear who’s bored Christine who’s still globetrotting and Witherspoon who’s confused. The show is sponsored Sarah Passingham and Whizz Kids, whose mission statement is: ‘We’re here to transform the lives of disabled children by providing the vital equipment, support and life skills they need to reach their full potential.’ Rude Maps Helen O’Neill @heloneill Google+E-mailTwitter


DTD – 141 – Justin Elliot is worse than Rob and a new hashtag… F**k it we’ve always got the The Archers!

Absolutely splendiferous update from Lucy this week as the lively mix of Ambridge stories enables a wide ranging review of how not to recruit panto players.  Then the mood turns darker as Roifield (who has embraced the madness of the post-truth world) explains to us all that whilst Rob might be a bit of a cad and a bounder the really nasty thing in the woodshed is JUSTIN ELLIOTT who is going to exploit the general hatred for Rob to move forward all of his huge development plans for the countryside.  Rob gets all the stick and Justin is the […]


DTD – 140 Harriet and Lucy discuss Neil’s moan and other stuff

Roifield is away so Harriet and Lucy are in high pitched hollering harpy harness for our weekly update.  Before all that however we hear tales of their childhood activities with Harriet running wild in the Wallops and Lucy still cringing with embarrassment in the supermarket at the memory of the most obvious murder mystery stories ever.  And that is before Lucy tells Harriet to ignore the script!  Wild and hairy roller coaster ride this week!  Harriet’s grandpa’s cousin is the very wonderful Ian Carmichael of Lord Peter Wimsey fame is just one of many of Harriet’s family to get a […]


DTD-139 Hacks, Fairbrothers and such goings on

Big thanks to the following listeners for their financial support this week. Sarah Holland, Natalia Löffler, Amy Louise Gilbert, Paul Roome, Glyn Fullelove, Tracy Chevin, Douglas Faunt, Rachael Kennedy, Ruth Frost, Nigel Massey, Shelley Shocolinsky-Dwyer, Patricia Dube, Sarah Woods, Joann Smith, Catherine Jones, Diane Stokes, Andrew White, R J Taylor, Victoria Cole, Mhairi Gillespie, Susan Greblo, Barbara Wiseman, Lonny J Behar, Alison Johnson, Sarah Gleason Stephen Fahey Jessica Dyszel Angela Barnes Jehane Dewar, Maggie Wood, Sarah Passingham, Claire Astbury, Helen Palmer, Valerie Bayliss, Scotch Tweed Ltd, Pam Cruickshank, Leonie Beavers, Claire Howard, Lesley Greaves, Jennifer Reber, Jean Rose, Amanda Hart, […]

In case you missed it …

A little belatedly but I’ve just listened to Steve Lamacq’s “The Archers Roundtable Special”. Here it is – in case you missed David, Jolene and Phoebe talking about new music releases … Hope this link works: (By the way, who else knew the actress who plays Jolene was Canadian?!)   Google+E-mailTwitter


Ep: 138 Charlotte Martin aka Susan Carter is in the house!

On this week’s episode we have calls from Dusty Substances and Claire Astbury who want to applaud Alan New York Nigel who’s getting his girls muddled up Jo Jo Sexy Heels who’s found the new Brian Aldridge Christine Armstrong who’s had a surprise from her husband Maurice Snell who can understand Justin and Kosmo with the Bridge Farm accounts Google+E-mailTwitter


Character Statistics for October 2016

Appearances during October 2016 1 Tom Archer   9 2 Pat Archer   8 = Helen Titchener   8 4 Shula Hebden Lloyd   7 = Rob Titchener   7 = Roy Tucker   7 7 Neil Carter   6 = Susan Carter   6 = Adam Macy   6 = Kate Madikane   6 = Johnny Phillips   6 12 Pip Archer 5 = Tony Archer 5 = Alice Carter 5 = Toby Fairbrother 5 = Alistair Lloyd 5 = Kirsty Miller 5 18 Jill Archer 4 = Rex Fairbrother 4 = Eddie Grundy 4 = Joe Grundy 4 […]


DTD – 137 – Callerinnerers of the world unite!

Lucy has taken a holiday as it is half term in the UK so after the very special episode 136 this episode concentrates on DumTeeDum’s magnificent callerinerers. Ellen, a vet from Glasgow, reckons that llamas are pretty mean and do not like having their mouths looked at.  A real expert commentary – this is why we have callers! Next up is Maeve who is locked out of Twitter so cannot vent in the normal way! She thought Shula was sweet last week. Glyn considered it to be another fantastic week in Ambridge, whilst Naked Fingers reports that he has just […]


DTD 136: Tim Bentinck and Terry Molloy remember

Roifield Brown is joined by nice guy farmer David Archer aka Tim Bentinck and the missing in action, one eyed ballroom dancing milk man Mike Tucker aka Terry Molloy, who reminisce about actors who have passed away or left the Archers. Google+E-mailTwitter