DTD 135: Short sweet and to the point!

On this week’s episode we have calls from Scott who’s got it up his nose Dusty Substances whose got it on her chest Jacqueline who loves all men Steve who bloody hates the christmas show Witherspoon who wonders why Ambridge doesn’t get angry and Julie who asks what’s in a name Google+E-mailTwitter


DTD 134: The Last of the long episodes and Emerald O’hanrahan interviewed

Heard whilst flying the Atlantic this was another special week for the podcast with a contribution from Edmund King OBE of the Archers Automobile Association. Certainly friends in high places. Emma, Warrior Princess, is in discussion with Lucy over her character development on The Archers in recent years. Fascinating listen.  Clearly Emerald who plays Emma is very keen on the role and The Archers in general. Lucy, with the intention of easing Roifield’s workload has declared some limits will be placed on calls with the aim of keeping the podcast length under control and to avoid duplication.  After all our […]


Trump visits Ambridge, yes it’s true!

Trump visits Ambridge Unbelievable but true!  Hot off the heels of the 2nd Presidential debate, The Donald’s first stop was to Ambridge.  Maybe he was there to meet fellow woman abuser Titchyknob for some advice or just to drop off that furniture to Susan, who was obviously the “star” with fake tits he mentioned in the infamous leaked tape.   Don’t believe me, google Trump Ambridge…..dang, just realized it’s Ambridge in Pennsylvania, so close, so close!…..     Google+E-mailTwitter


DTD: 133 Isobel Middleton and another long show but its a good one!

Soosan is coming to DumteeDum soon – place your questions via Speakpipe. Big podcast this week – short summary.  Lucy covers 75 minutes in 5 high speed laugh stuffed minutes, “potting the black” in fine style as she revisits the Ambridge week. Isobel Middleton revealed that she has had Shaun Keaveney in her bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Plus much more from Roifield’s favourite barista, correction barrister; she cannot make Camp coffee! Kosmo in Falmouth Cape Cod On this week’s episode we have calls from Blithe Spirit who’s leading the pro-Emma charge Witherspoon who wants to know why everyone hates couples […]


Character Statistics – September 2016

Appearances during September 2016 1 Helen Titchener   12 2 Rob Titchener   11 3 Pat Archer   10 = Anna Tregorran   10 5 Judge Loomis Judge at Helen’s trial 9 6 Tony Archer 8 = Adam Macy 8 8 Tom Archer 7 9 Julian Bywater Prosecution counsel 6 = Joe Grundy 6 = Kirsty Miller 6 12 David Archer 5 = Henry Archer 5 = Josh Archer 5 = Eddie Grundy 5 16 Pip Archer 4 = Toby Fairbrother 4 = Ursula Titchener 4 19 Jennifer Aldridge 3 = Jill Archer 3 = Ruth Archer 3 = Ian […]


DTD: 132 – Shorter and leaner with a super mean iTunes review

Roifield and Lucy start going faster but it does not last.  Luckily Lucy has the hips for line dancing according to Roifield which might keep things moving along.  Lucy has also been on a cheese making course and it is really hard work she says and reflects your state of mind when it is made.  Photos are promised. Joe Grundy is nearly 96 you know and he is planning to live forever.  Lucy thinks Sticky Fingers sounds like a posher version of Rob.  Spin off video game – Rob and the Zombie Apocalypse in Ambridge – suggested by Bye Bye […]


DTD 131 – Paul Trueman and the testimonies of survivors of abuse – Refuge

We talk to Paul Trueman about his Just Giving Campaign that has raised over £200, 000 for Refuge and listen to comments on his page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/helentitchener Google+E-mailTwitter


Ep: 130 – The longest Dumteedum ever, from here on in it’s one hour folks

After a blockbuster Archers Omnibus, Lucy and Roifield deliver a blockbuster length DumTeeDum, coming in at over two hours not helped by Lucy having to explain snowdrops and Shaftesbury to Roifield. Lucy observes that Rob’s truth addiction makes Jeffrey Archer looks like a harsh realist. She then went on to note how upset Ian was with Adam entering so many gentlemen’s buttonholes. Joe, William, Eddie and George all seem to come from different parts of the country even though they all grew up in the same village. Lucy has a new hat as health and safety advisor pointing out that […]


Ep: 129 – Support for victims of abuse

We talk to Moriah Cohen, Sexual Assault Program Coordinator, from the Mount Sinai West and St. Luke’s Hospitals NYC Google+E-mailTwitter