DTD: 132 – Shorter and leaner with a super mean iTunes review

On this week’s episode we have calls from Naked Fingers who’s cross with Associated Press Steve who thinks Rob’s going to be hit up the arse Kosmo who thinks Kirsty’s up the clanger Fiona who thinks Toby’s getting bored Jo Jo Sexy Heels who’s been working the figures Witherspoon who wants to know what Alan was thinking and Goddess Deeva who wants to know who’s abducted Peggy. Google+E-mailTwitter


DTD 131 – Paul Trueman and the testimonies of survivors of abuse – Refuge

We talk to Paul Trueman about his Just Giving Campaign that has raised over £200, 000 for Refuge and listen to comments on his page Google+E-mailTwitter


Ep: 130 – The longest Dumteedum ever, from here on in it’s one hour folks

After a blockbuster Archers Omnibus, Lucy and Roifield deliver a blockbuster length DumTeeDum, coming in at over two hours not helped by Lucy having to explain snowdrops and Shaftesbury to Roifield. Lucy observes that Rob’s truth addiction makes Jeffrey Archer looks like a harsh realist. She then went on to note how upset Ian was with Adam entering so many gentlemen’s buttonholes. Joe, William, Eddie and George all seem to come from different parts of the country even though they all grew up in the same village. Lucy has a new hat as health and safety advisor pointing out that […]


Ep: 129 – Support for victims of abuse

We talk to Moriah Cohen, Sexual Assault Program Coordinator, from the Mount Sinai West and St. Luke’s Hospitals NYC Google+E-mailTwitter


Ep: 128 – The Trial!

Lucy painted an alternative portrait of the week (including Sunday’s jury discussions) outside Ambridge; packed with more jokes than there were jurors. Also far more villagers in the court than reported by the original microphones. More calls than ever as this phase of the story climaxes. Some were made before the verdict and some afterwards – so it is mixed bag of predictions and celebrations as the callerinerers reflect on an extra lengthy week nearly all from the Crown Court. Roifield also salutes the departing editor and in the sense that as editor he has garnered an immense number of […]


The facts behind rape – we talk to Moriah Cohen

Domestic abuse in UK: Will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime Leads to, on average, two women being murdered each week and 30 men per year Accounts for 16% of all violent crime (Source: Crime in England and Wales 04/05 report), however it is still the violent crime least likely to be reported to the police Has more repeat victims than any other crime (on average there will have been 35 assaults before a victim calls the police) Is the single most quoted reason for becoming homeless (Shelter, 2002) In 2010 the Forced […]


DTD: 126-new Sara Thornton joins Roifield and Lucy at the start of Helen’s trial

Sara Thornton, BBC forecaster, joined our hosts this week; well to be accurate she joined Roifield to discuss weather forecasting – it transpires that our resident cartographer can define an isobar!  Sara has been a forecaster for 15 years but an even longer Archers listener. Sara finds the callers are good at highlighting and reminding her of the Ambridge events and having been an expatriate shares sympathies with Jan from Can! Kosmo says he is not totally against issues but feels they should be driven by the characters (as Bethany would have done had she remained) rather than being generated […]


Character Statistics for August 2016

Appearances during August 2016 1 Rob Titchener 10 2 Pip Archer 9 = Eddie Grundy 9 4 Toby Fairbrother 8 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 8 = Anna Tregorran 8 7 Richard Locke 7 = Elizabeth Pargetter 7 = Carol Tregorran 7 10 Henry Archer 5 = Jill Archer 5 = Pat Archer 5 = Emma Grundy 5 = Joe Grundy 5 15 Tom Archer 4 = George Grundy 4 = Johnny Phillips 4 = Caroline Sterling 4 = Helen Titchener 4 20 Brian Aldridge 3 = Josh Archer 3 = Harrison Burns 3 = Ed Grundy 3 = Alistair Lloyd […]


DTD: 125 – Lots of Archers stuff to talk about

Vicky Cole opened DumTeeDum this week which is episode 125 and baking with Soggy Bottoms were discussed before The Archers.  Lucy was up to date this week and lightly dashed through the sex, alcohol and poaching which have usurped most of the Rob storyline.  It was a real cross village week. The Order of John Archer, DumTeeDiddlers & Dumtydogs (and mogs if you must) are all reinstated this week courtesy of the new Social Media Manager, Laura Jackson.  “Timelord” flaky Roifield is an Antrobus, Lucy (who refuses to be the “companion”) is concerned to be a Snell.  Kosmo got downgraded from “Master” […]


DTD: 124 Gold medals, A levels results and Lucy is back

Lucy returns to the podcast after three weeks away.  She returns jet lagged (I know the feeling) and fails to count to three so her weekly round up is a week late.  She then provides her usual knowledgeable commentary on the callers who are talking about the current week.  No doubt she will have caught up with the rest of us by next week. Special powers were revealed – Lucy can predict what other people will order from a menu and Judi Dench knows the time of day without looking at a watch and Jacqueline Bertho only gets lost in […]