Character Statistics for November 2017

Appearances during November 2017 1 Lilian Bellamy 17 2 Pip Archer 10 3 Ian Craig 9 4 Adam Macy 8 5 Harrison Burns 7 = Alan Franks 7 = Lexi Viktorova 7 8 Matt Crawford 6 = Justin Elliott 6 = Roy Tucker 6 11 Ruth Archer 5 = Christine Barford 5 = Elizabeth Pargetter 5 = Peggy Woolley 5 15 Jennifer Aldridge 4 = Emma Grundy 4 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 4 = Lynda Snell 4 19 Brian Aldridge 3 = David Archer 3 = Jill Archer 3 = Jolene Archer 3 = Toby Fairbrother 3 = Alistair Lloyd […]


Bonus: Election Special and Hedli Niklaus speaks for Kathy Perks!

Witherspoon, Millie and Yokel Bear are on the spot at the Ambridge parish council election.


DTD: 199 – Aunty Chris gets scammed and Emma’s is strong and stable at the polls

This summary was written in South America looking for the grave of the late but wonderful Nelson Gabriel. For those with a long memory Nelson was the improbably well spoken son of the original country bumpkin, Walter Gabriel, who amongst other exploits brought an elephant to the village. My old pal, my old beauty, Walter was the original incompetent tenant farmer, later personified by Joe and then Eddie Grundy. Nelson was cut from another cloth entirely having something to do with the post office van robbery (the local plod being unable to secure a conviction despite fingerprints). Later Nelson ran […]


DTD: 198 – Will Lillian marry Justin and what about Auntie Cardboard (be warned the sound is a bit iffy in places folks!)

A relatively short podcast this week opens with an American DumTeeDum from the San Francisco chapter before we dive into a Naked Fingers / Lucy Freeman dissection of the last week in Ambridge plus some slightly substandard acoustics due to a poor recording line. Lucy corpses before starting her week’s review. Lots of alcohol is being consumed this week. Lucy is on beer and wasabi peas whilst Robert is on whisky. Lucy does not believe that there is any chance of Justin and Lilian getting married. She took against Justin when he referred to “his” house. Robert has no time […]


DTD: 197 – Whats in Matts Suitcase…. CASH!

Huge apologies are due to Native Heath who really did create that DumTeeDum a few weeks ago. All say sorry! Native Heath’s partner joins him on the call this week – but needs to call in herself and fill us in on all the standard information. Lucy is on fine form in her monologue this week (although the innuendo is unrepeatable and repeating it here would spoil the joke – go and listen to it). Everyone has realised that we have lost Matt forever this time – there is no extradition treaty with Ecuador (cf Julian Assange – will Matt […]


DTD: 196 – Was it attempted murder in Ambridge or reckless driving in the village?

Lucy provides us with her usual run down of events in Ambridge covering 75 minutes in 5 minutes. She has spotted that very shortly the aeronautical scientist, wedding planner with excellent sales skills for a techie will be adding recovered alcoholic to her lengthy cv; something which will no doubt bore the pants off Chris for many moons to come. And she spotted the boring bit – Lexi shopping with Roy. Naked Fingers notes that the monologue gets dirtier ever week. He then piles more filth into our ears! He then keeps banging throughout the podcast and alleges it is […]


Character Statistics for October 2017

Appearances during October 2017 1 LILIAN BELLAMY 14 2 Justin Elliott 12 3 Matt Crawford 10 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 10 5 Pip Archer 9 = Adam Macy 9 7 Ian Craig 7 = Alistair Lloyd 7 = Noluthando Madikane 7 10 Kate Madikane 6 11 Emma Grundy 5 = Nic Grundy 5 = Lynda Snell 5 14 Toby Fairbrother 4 = Eddie Grundy 4 = Joe Grundy 4 = Freddie Pargetter 4 Robert Snell 4 19 Brian Aldridge 3 = Jennifer Aldridge 3 = Jim Lloyd 3 = Lily Pargetter 3 = Roy Tucker 3 24 David Archer 2 […]


DTD: 195 – Its officially official, Matt is a total bastard

Roifield and Lucy appeal for more DumTeeDums to open the podcast – kazoos welcomed or even humming! Lucy is apparently not keen on either Noluthando or Freddie from this week’s amazing week in Ambridge. Alastair’s dj gets a look in. Shula is now running a sex chat line on the side apparently. An excellent report on Ambridge events. Does any Mother and Baby Group ever welcome political speakers? No, this was new to me as well. Interview arrangements at Gay Grables were completely beyond belief under any circumstances. It just did not work – the most obvious reveal ever. Roifield […]


DTD: 194 – Lillian, does she love Justin or Matt, is it Justin’s money or Matt’s excitement ?

Naked Fingers returns to launch Zodiac Space Dogs with a prog rock version of DumTeeDum in outer space which soon has Lucy cackling away! Lucy gives us chapter and verse on modern child creating methods and the infinite improbability drive kicked into overdrive when Lucy Pargetter (not our LucyVF) started giving advice on men to Philippa who then followed it to our huge surprise. Matt and Lilian went dogging without Ruby. LucyVF seems convinced that Justin and Lilian will not marry. Has Emmur actually said “you might think that but I could not possibly comment” yet? Matt has started sounding […]


DTD: 193 – The life of Tim Bentinck – Being David Archer: And Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living

Timothy Bentinck has played the part of David Archer in The Archers since 1982, he is also the 12th Earl of Portland. He talks to Roifield about his family, life and career.