DTD: 178 – Oliver loses his head and a jug is smashed

On this week’s episode we have views from Maeve who has no love for the Grundies Witherspoon! who likens Matt and Justin at war to a skit from Mad Comic Dusty Substances who likes grief well directed Catherine Kavanagh who believes that love and money don’t mix The Hay Bales who are frustrated by rich old ladies Blithe Spirit who wonders when Jill became a Social Justice Warrior Claire Astbury who gets into the weeds with housing. Sussex Shepherd who was a friend of Fraiser. Abbie from Brighton who has questions about Woodbine.

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DTD: 177 – Caroline remembered

Robert Wilson leads off this week by bursting two tyres in Wales – and he thanks the helpful residents of Nantmor.  Derek has been investigating fermented foods from his compost heap.  Just in case you think that The Archers is all made up the musical “Hair” is being revived this year with a new immersive production.  I assume immersive means the audience are underwater – see this: https://www.londontheatre.co.uk/theatre-news/news/new-immersive-production-of-hair-to-run-at-the-vaults-in-london  Will Lucy be going? Discussion of Caroline’s death dominates this week’s podcast for obvious reasons.  I would like my say.  Throughout her village existence Caroline followed her heart; she might not be religious, […]


DTD: 176 – The over privileged Phoebe and the hatefully sexist Will Grundy

Following the DumTeeDum from Toronto Shambridges delivers a wonderful eulogy on the subject of smoke detectors in recognition of our new sponsor ADT! Surprisingly after a week off Roifield is struggling with the script this week, obviously out of practice.  He then admits to being 48.  He does not understand the problem of Lilian revealing her age – particularly to an intended husband.  Then there is a suggestion that a contributor may have been under the ‘fluence after celebrating Bastille Day!  I think it is Roifield as part of his contribution is obliterated with music! Little support for Will this […]


DTD: 175 – Justin’s land deal gets the once over

Naked Fingers aka Robert Wilson is with Lucy this week.  I used to work with a Robert Wilson but do not think it is the same one.  I think Lucy might need a new microphone.  Lucy predicts that Jill has developed an allergy to bees and will have to pass them onto Kirsty.  Or possibly to Hilda Ogden who continues to make her presence felt.  Will’s current unpleasantness is discussed at some length as he becomes a grumpy old man.  The voice has always been irritating. The interactions between Bridge Farm and Justin are discussed.  No-one actually knows how to […]


DTD: 174 – Jill and Kirsty do bees and Tom gets a spanking from Justin

Fat Bloke Talking provided this week’s DumTeeDum and this link might explain what a “Minecraft Note Block” actually is: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Note_Block   Fat Bloke Talking also entertains with his blog: https://whatrobdidnext.wordpress.com/ Roifield returns to a podcast hot seat but Derek is taking the week off in hospital having attended GoddessDeeva’s wedding.  However in the same way that Millie Belle and Yokel Bear do week on and week off, in future Roifield and Naked Fingers are adopting the same job share arrangement – which seems odd as none of the them have had any children recently (but are they all attention-seeking drama-queens?). Roifield surprises us […]


DTD: 173 – Johnny and Freddie do the Isle of Wight

Naked Fingers returns to once again use his voice which seems to assert his natural authority. Regrettably we did not hear the outcome of the hot date from last week – was it cab or coffee?  We need to know. In her stunning monologue Lucy makes it very clear that she has now seen through Justin and is certain that we shall soon return to the pusscat/Tiger years. As ever Naked Fingers liked her monologue this week. Meanwhile we all await Lillian’s mega-apology to Lynda, could be the largest humble pie Lilian has ever baked.  The last person to make […]


DTD: 172 – Pip and Rex are discussed along with Freddie’s lack of brains

This week Naked Fingers (aka Robert Wilson) is sharing host duties with Lucy. A brief profile of Naked Fingers.  He is 46, lives in or near Oxford, may have left wing tendencies, has not lived with anyone for 20 years but has dabbled in polytunnels and he had a hot date possibly with another DumTeeDummer later the same evening.  He also seems very knowledgeable on recreational drug use, although he did not drink until he was 21; Lucy equates this to Roifield listening to Radio 4.  He knows a beautiful EHO lady apparently.  Naked Fingers is 3st lighter and is […]


DTD: 171 – Love for Lilly, understanding for Toby and more Archers chat!

Lucy is back from Hawes and delivered an outstanding review of the week in Ambridge, which in tribute to the late Ziggy Boneman included a reference to FFS.  Roifield makes an impassioned plea for new DumTeeDums – please send them in.  Lucy does a mean Vicky Pollard, but having been in Yorkshire she should have been channelling Eric Pollard (soap cross pollination there!). GoddessDeeva returns from the bottom of a bucket to tell Lilian that she needs to stop making an idiot of herself.  But Justin has history and Anthea will put a stop to that.  Andrew Horn raises his […]


DTD: 169 – Lillian, Miranda, Rex and Lilly feature on this weeks show

Our hosts reflect on what was generally a good week for The Archers.  Miranda and Justin splitting up the assets and then Miranda and Lilian having a face off at the Dower House.  Of course Hilda Ogden arriving had a new slashing arrival whilst this week’s map was about Ambridge.  You have to listen to the end of the podcast for the best bit of the week however! Much other ground covered plus some new callers, which is always welcome.  Go and help ginger up the forum on the website – far more interesting than it was. Great plot prediction […]


DTD: 168 – Pip, Toby and Ben gets it, with Chris Neill and Right you are of the Week.

Lucy is picking up high level BBC intelligence from secret drops in Epping Forest whilst she is recording Walky Talky. These drops includes this week’s DumTeeDum from Doha. Lucy then gets the order of the podcast wrong (twice) this week and Roifield leaves her apparent confusion in the final version. 20 year listener comedian Chris Neill then keeps Lucy in painful stitches (she had just been to pilates) for some 20 minutes as they discuss the ins and outs of our favourite programme.  Chris first remembers listening to the death of John Archer.  If he joined the cast Chris would […]