DTD: 166 – Why does Brookfield not have any dirty cow insurance?

Lucy is put on the spot this week when it is discovered that she has not heard Bye Bye Steve’s DumTeeDum.  Then Diane Abbott gets a name check before Roifield bans politics.  And we have quite a few newish callerinerers.  Lucy is worrying about the Cosa Nostra in Ambridge this week – the links are too strong to ignore.  Lucy then admits she had practiced her accent earlier! I was edited.  I protest.  It really was more interesting than it sounded.  But people do have pension schemes.  The other callers were far more interesting as usual!!  The tractor would not […]


Character Statistics for April 2017

Appearances during April 2017 1 Ruth Archer 14 2 Pip Archer 13 3 David Archer 12 4 Lilian Bellamy 9 5 Justin Elliott 8 6 Kenton Archer 7 7 Tom Archer 6 = Matt Crawford 6 = Toby Fairbrother 6 = Emma Grundy 6 11 Rex Fairbrother 5 = Usha Franks 5 = Ed Grundy 5 14 Brian Aldridge 4 = Jill Archer 4 = Josh Archer 4 = Tony Archer 4 = Harrison Burns 4 = Shula Hebden Lloyd 4 = Kirsty Miller 4 21 Jennifer Aldridge 3 = Helen Titchener 3 23 Alice Carter 2 = Neil Carter […]


DTD: 165 – Ruth turns dark on Pip and other Archers related goings on

Phillip Townley reprises his DumTeeDum to open the show.  A whole week of every single Archer at the throat of another Archer includes two family parties as well as shoe-horning the General Election into the podcast. None of us remember Terry Barford as Lizzie’s boyfriend and it is not mentioned in any reference book.  Terry did like the attractions of Carline Bone but she was not taken (rare for her).  Lucy also explains the concept of “playing in the bins” over Ruth and Pip.  No-one can understand why a) Pip keeps forgetting things and b) why does Pip not understand […]