DTD: 192 – Justin and Matt square up like silver backs and Lilly’s polite racism

Lucy explains why those involved in affairs should not use strange names as they stand out like a sore thumb in a list on your phone, a tip she claims she got from George Clooney. Our hosts are once again struggling with technology with over an hour’s recording lost but I am not sure it justified Lucy’s attack on Roifield although she did apologise it did feel as though a nuclear winter had set in! Keri gets the clap for his scripts this week as requested by Andrew Horn. Toby appears to be reforming too quickly for his own good […]


DTD: 191 – Emma runs for office and Kate has to deal with mini Kate

Naked Fingers decides to provide entertainment this week by telling us just what “nut to nut” means in relation to castration and the male listeners walked around with crossed legs for the rest of the day. Sadly the wonderful new software will not function without Daddy Roifield in charge and everything is back to old tech this week despite numerous attempts to get it working and NF offers to do the editing as penance. The children cannot manage without Daddy’s guiding hands (which is not a reference to Harvey Weinstein). Yokel Bear manages his contribution without losing his voice and […]


DTD: 190 Lucas returns to Ambridge and speaks to Roifield on Dumteedum Extra!

Connie M’Gadzah who plays journalist Lucas, estranged husband to Kate and father of Noluthando, was heard back on The Archers last week after 15 years away we celebrate his return!


DTD – 189 Helen offers to carry Ian and Adams baby and Britain reacts in horror!

Very clear recording this week as Roifield and Lucy get to grips with new software. Callers should be aware that a fixed 2 minute limit is now in place for messages so it is absolute which is unfair on new callers. Lucy gets Roifield to agree to re-edit Shambridges answering the phone. Get well soon Hopalong Dusty. In this new super improved format we can hear our hosts reacting to the callers’ comments as they are made. Lilian is given a lot of important advice, I hope she is listening. Roifield wants Helen to be “rested”, other characters deserve decent […]


Character Statistics for September 2017

Appearances during September 2017 1 Ian Craig 14 = Adam Macy 14 3 Roy Tucker 11 4 Lexi Viktorova 10 5 Jennifer Aldridge 8 6 Brian Aldridge 6 = Pip Archer 6 8 Josh Archer 5 = Lilian Bellamy 5 10 Tony Archer 4 = Harrison Burns 4 = Justin Elliott 4 = Rex Fairbrother 4 = Toby Fairbrother 4 = Ed Grundy 4 = Joe Grundy 4 = Kate Madikane 4 = Kirsty Miller 4 = Johnny Phillips 4 20 David Archer 3 = Helen Archer 3 = Pat Archer 3 = Ruth Archer 3 = Bert Fry 3 […]


DTD: 188 – Lexit, Lexi leaves a broken hearted Brexit voting Roy

This week I thought I would give a guide to where to find items on DumTeeDum 01:03 DumTeeDum from the Oxford Meetup 03:15 Lucy’s hilarious week in Ambridge (Lucy loves 5Star – didn’t we all?) 09:06 Lucy gives blood and Robert loses his light on the Cowley Road 14:17 Jill from Tennessee calls in for the first time 19:18 Glyn knew the Roy would get interrupted and asks for it to be given a rest 22:37 Sussex Shepherd wants Roy on the next plane to Sofia and then Bagpuss gets discussed 27:47 Andrew Horn continues the confusion between Hungary and […]


Meetup in Central London

On 18 September 2017 Vicky from Kenya, Glyn Fullelove, Kosmo and Andrew Horn gathered in Central London.  Despite Andrew’s presence a rendition of DumTeeDum was not attempted – Kosmo certainly did not feel like drowning out his angelic voice!  However the event was recorded: Vicky claims to be right up to date with The Archers (apart from Monday night) and will be calling in again soon as she heads back to Kenya.


DTD: 187 – Love for Roy and Lexi and Jennifer reveals her true colours

Was this episode of DumTeeDum any more bizarre than any other episode? Frankly I think so. Roifield apparently is enjoying chilli four times a week and is wondering if that is too often or not often enough. He claims to be asking for a friend but we all know what really means. More worryingly Naked Fingers was absent apparently being chased around Yosemite by a naked bear (I did not know they ever got dressed) and is suffering a poor wifi connection. Lucy has been walking the dog in the rain when she would rather be reading the Sunday Times […]


DTD: 186 – Roy and Lexi get it on and Ian and Adam talk babies

Early hilarity here when it becomes clear that Lucy confuses her Polish and Bulgarian false accents when allocating Lexi to the wrong EU country. Perhaps it is a good thing we are leaving Europe! Given the years it took Neil to become a manager I am surprised that Johnny was offered the chance to manage veg at Bridge Farm, unless that includes all of the human residents as well? It appears Dusty Substances is not alone in liking the annual panto débâcle – support all over Twitter apparently. Kathy is the current day Prue Forrest – oft seen in the […]