Roifield Brown

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Co Host of Dum Tee Dum, I've been into Ambridge since 1984, so I'm still a newbie Created and co-hosts Dumteedum, a weekly fan podcast about the the BBC soap The Archers, which took off immediately with high listener interaction and appearances from actors on the show. After 6 months we hosted a successful awards ceremony.
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Lady Barbarella

I didn’t grow up in the UK so I didn’t know anything about The Archers until I moved in with my partner about 4 years

Rose Kalluk

I heard of the Archers through a friend.

Kerry May

My Mum had always listened when she was a child and started again when my sister and I left home in the 1990s - I

Tessa Herring

I used to cook dinner during the 6:30 comedy slot on Radio 4. Sometimes, the cooking took longer and I ended up hearing, and then

Hannah Whiteing

I have listened to the Archers since birth but the first storylines I properly remember are the wedding of Will and Emma and Ruth\'s affair

SJ MacLeod

I love podcasts and I also adore the Brits. Google search-British, podcasts..and in that search I found this golden egg called "The Archers". I've

Helen Henderson

Osmosis through my mother's womb.

Chris Lowis

Omnibus podcast listener, often in the garden, when driving or doing paperwork

Audreyanne Covarrubias

Began listening our of curiosity. I had heard TA referenced in television programs and other places and sought it out to see what is was

Jan Robertson

The Archers Music used to be the bedtime music for my children

Jeremy Peake

One wellie in Ambridge since I found out how to turn on the wireless set.

Maurice Snell

Been a regular listener for, erm, maybe 10 yrs or so, but have heard it on and off for 40+ years as various family members

Paul Douglas

Er, what to say? I've been listening for ten years, so I'm still something of a novice.
I dislike most of the Archers

Glyn Fullelove

Of an age with David and Ruth

Leonie Beavers

International woman of mystery

Jan Mitchell

I cannot recall exactly how I got on to The Archers. It must have been my cousin, Jein who mentioned the series when she introduced


The first thing I remember was Mark dying in a car crash

Aunty Jean

Listened without listening for years but got hooked around the time Lizzie was gazumped by Cameron Thingy

Yokel Bear

Mark or 'Bear' to his friends tweets as @Yokelbear from the wilds of Wiltshire. He was raised in an Archers listening household and has been

Blithe Spirit

When not dodging the law for crimes against Rob Titchener, Blithe is occupied in the creative industry and spends Sunday mornings, tea in hand, shouting

Glenn Dayafter

I live in France ... on the side of a mountain.
I've (only) been listening since about 2007.

I run a bed and

Andrew Horn

Archers listener consistently since I was 13...lover of opera and red wine. Founder member of Lucy's pussy posse.

Paul Roome

Paul started listening to The Archers in the early 1980s as a way to get close to the land, as he realised his boyhood dream

Goddess Deeva

Goddessdeeva, secret agent, trapeze artist, lover and fighter.

As quick to forgiveness as she is to anger, she has been known to run round